The 2025 Bicentennial Celebrations

Please check back soon for further details pertaining to the Bicentennial event held in 2025, but rest assured, the Bicentennial Committee is working hard to plan a celebration worthy of 200 years of our dear Society’s history and welcome back all our Alumni classes. At this time I am both pleased and proud to present the Bicentennial Committee:

The Bicentennial Committee

Alumni Co-Chair: Ms. Melissa Kenney – Historian Emerita

Regular Member Co-Chair: Mr. Kelly O’Meara – 2022-’23 Historian

Alumni Member: Mr. Daniel Durgavich

Alumni Member: Mr. Peter Milligan

Alumni Member: Ms. Jaina Kumari Mehta

Alumni Member: Mr. Chris Mullen

Regular Member – Ms. Maddie Stokes 

Regular Member: Mr. Ethan Jakum 

Regular Member – Ms. Zoë Jenkins

Regular Member – Ms. Lauren Bradshaw

Regular Member: Mr. Aditya Kumar*

*ex officio, non-voting member

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